Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Same-day tickets

A: We will sell the tickets by lottery the day before by applying online.

[Reception date and time] 12: 00-19: 00 the day before: Only one ticket per person per performance ・ Only for visitors

* On days when there are day and night performances, we will accept them at the same time both day and night.

[Application] https://ticket.corich.jp/apply/103996/

[Winning announcement] Only winners will be notified by email by [24:00].

* To be on the safe side, the winning number will be announced on the official Twitter account from 10:00 to 11:00 on the morning of the performance.

* In addition to the winners, we will contact each number of people waiting for cancellation.

If any of the winners do not come, the prize will be advanced. Please note that we cannot always provide information.

[Ticket delivery] On the day of the performance, reception will be accepted at the theater 60 minutes before the start of the performance.

Payment is cash only.

Please have your winning number, identity verification documents, and winning email ready.

* Please complete the reception 30 minutes before the start of the performance. If you do not arrive by the time, we will guide you to the customers waiting for cancellation.

* You cannot choose your seat.

* There is a possibility that the information will be provided at seats that are difficult to see.

Since it was expected that many people would apply for pre-sale and general sales and many people would buy the same-day ticket, we decided to take the form of a lottery the day before.
If you do not have a winning number or cancellation number, please note that we will not have a ticket for the day even if you come to the theater.
We kindly ask for your understanding in advance before applying.

[Waiting for cancellation] On the day of the performance, you can wait in order at the theater and purchase tickets only when seats are ready.
Please note that we may not be able to prepare seats for you.

Q: About opening time

A: We plan to start reception 60 minutes before the start of the performance and 30 minutes before the start of the audience seats.

The opening time may be slightly different. Please note.

Q: About the performance time

A: The performance time is scheduled to be around 1 hour and 45 minutes, but we will inform you again as soon as it is decided.

Q: If you

miss the start time A: After the start time, you may not be able to guide you to the audience for a while.

The staff will guide you to your seat, so please wait for a while in the lobby and follow the instructions to enter the audience seats. In addition, please refrain from entering and exiting during the performance except in an emergency.

Thank you for your understanding in advance and thank you for your cooperation in coming to the venue as soon as possible.

Q: About the theater in a

wheelchair A: Wheelchair seats are available, but we apologize for the inconvenience for smooth guidance to the seats on the day, but after purchasing the ticket, the day before the day of arrival. Please contact us by the following. In addition, accompanying guests also need a ticket.

Seats are limited. We may not be able to provide information, so please be sure to contact us.

Q: Goods sales time

A: Goods will be sold at the following times.

[Outside product sales (sold at the lobby entrance, no ticket required)]

19:00 performance only
⇒ 17: 00 ~ 20: 00

14:00 performance, 19:00 performance 2 performance day
⇒ 12: 00 ~ 20: 00

[Sales in the hall (sales in the lobby/tickets required)]

1 hour before the start of each performance to 10 minutes before the start / 20 minutes after the end of the performance

* The lineup is the same for both off-site product sales and on-site product sales.

* Please note that the start time may change depending on the situation, the sales line may be restricted, or sales may be temporarily suspended even within the above time.

Q: About DVD conversion There

are no plans to convert this performance to DVD.

Q: About stand flowers and arranged flowers

A: Due to operational reasons, we do not accept festive flowers for both stand flowers and arrangements (including dressing room flowers). We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Q: About presents for performers

A: Excuse me, but for Daichi Imae, we can only accept letters, and we cannot accept other presents. Please note.

Gifts and letters addressed to other performers will be kept in the gift box in the lobby. Please note that we cannot accept raw foods. It may take some time before handing over. Please note.

Q: About cloakrooms

A: We can store large luggage, but we may not be able to store it due to limited space. Please note.

Q: About the ticket

A: Please note that the ticket cannot be reissued in any case such as loss or theft. For inquiries regarding tickets, please contact the ticket sales window where you purchased the ticket.

Q: About theater etiquette

Please refrain from speaking privately during the performance, acts that cause inconvenience to other guests, or acts that interfere with the performance.

During the performance, please turn off the power of smartphones, mobile phones, alarms, and other sound-producing devices. Also, please refrain from making noises, and we ask for your cooperation.

It is strictly prohibited to take pictures, take pictures, record voices, make phone calls, etc. with a camera or mobile phone in the hall.

Please take any hats or other headgear that may block your view so as not to inconvenience customers sitting behind or near your neighbors.

Eating and drinking in the audience are prohibited. We appreciate your cooperation so that all customers can enjoy the theater.