★ Apology and report of Tomomi Nakatsuka’s departure ★

Tomohiko Fujisawa … Daichi Imae

The main character of the main story. Writer. I’m so addicted to online games that it interferes with writing, and I’m under house arrest at the hotel. Although he has a selfish and arrogant personality, he is very kind to his game friends and has a different attitude. I decided to hold an off-party at the hotel, but that caused me to be in a difficult situation.

The role of Saito … Kousuke Yonehara

A fellow of Fujisawa’s college days, he is currently addicted to the same online games as Fujisawa. The friendly and friendly personality is a disaster, and he struggles to save Fujisawa’s pinch.
A good understanding of Fujisawa.

The role of the end country … Shori Kondo

The editor in charge of Fujisawa. When he gets a script from his boss, he is cornered and sticks to Fujisawa, but he is in a miserable state of being cut off by Fujisawa. Although he has a serious personality, he also has a strong side that can be ruthless in case of emergency.

The role of Anzai … Atsushi Maruyama

I work as a hotel desk. Contrary to Aoyamada, we read the air and respond appropriately to our customers.

The role of Eri Fujisawa … Mio Hanana

Tomohiko Fujisawa’s wife. An elegant celebrity like a painting. I can’t allow Fujisawa to be addicted to the game, and there is one side of the horror family who is approaching divorce when they play the game next time. Actually, I’m addicted to the Korean wave, and at the award ceremony of Fujisawa, who usually doesn’t show up, I come to know that the guest is Baesung Jun.

The role of Miko … Mitsuki Kimijima

Fujisawa’s online game companion. I am in charge of the wizard in the game. However, in reality, this is a lie and is asked by my sister who is withdrawn and pondering, and is pretending to be Asatsun. A bright and energetic existence that everyone loves. I’m worried about my sister Asatsun, but I admire her.

The role of Asatsun … Yu Umeda

Fujisawa’s online game companion. I’m withdrawn and I’m not confident in myself.

Yutaman role … Okada Horizon

Fujisawa’s online game companion. In the game, he is in charge of the monk and has become the leader of the party. It has a cool and chuunibyo part.

Yu Miyake … Leena

While working as a hotel waitress, I am working hard to become an actress. He has a theatrical theory that he has a strong belief and does not understand well.

The role of Aoyamada … Noboru Koizuka

Hotel frontman. A weak and old-fashioned worker on the net. I’m confident in my work, but I can’t read the air, and I’m ignorant of Fujisawa.

Manager role: Mizuki Sano Manager of

a big Korean wave star. Fujisawa’s next work will be made into a drama, and he will come to greet Fujisawa.