Bouken Stage


Work introduction


Tomohiko Fujisawa, a writer who has the momentum to drop flying birds. He was completely captivated by the online game “Dragon Quest X”. Even if my wife said, “I’m going to get divorced when I play the game next time!”, I was so absorbed in the game that I couldn’t stop.

Meanwhile, I came up with an off-party at a hotel lounge. Fujisawa, who hid himself as a hot-selling writer, is trying to set up a surprise to reveal his identity to his fellow Dragon Quest friends who have been adventuring with him every day. However, this is a backfire! It turns out that Dragon Quest friends hated their work before revealing their true identity! !! Far from being unable to say that he is Tomohiko Fujisawa, he is swearing at himself. In addition, his wife came there, and perhaps he lied that he was a fellow Dragon Quest companion who participated in the award party. This is the worst situation involving hotel employees …

A one-situation comedy in which a lie calls a lie and a misunderstanding amplifies the misunderstanding. What is the luck of the adventurers who are tied up with a tight bond! ??

Tomomi Nakatsuka, who was scheduled to appear on the stage “Adventurers’ Hotel-Gathering at Dragon Quest X and Friends-“, has been forced to leave due to poor physical condition. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to customers who were looking forward to the performance. Mitsuki Kimijima will take the place of “Miko”, which was planned to be played by Tomomi Nakatsuka.

Visitor benefits

All visitors will receive an item “Gift Book / Pamphlet” that can be used in the “Dragon Quest X” game and 30 Fukubiki tickets!

Gesture book/pamphlet

When used, the player character makes a gesture of reading the pamphlet of the stage “Adventurers’ Hotel”.

What is “Dragon Quest X Online”


“Dragon Quest X Online” was released as the first online-only game in the “Dragon Quest” series, and is one of the largest network RPGs in Japan that is still enjoyed by a large number of players even now, in its eighth year.“Dragon Quest X Online” Official Site

Refund method

If you would like to get a refund of the ticket price due to Tomomi Nakatsuka’s departure, please refer to the following.

‚óŹ Refund request period:

Must arrive from December 4, 2021 (Wednesday) to December 13, 2020 (Friday)

What to send

  1. Tickets (for the number of purchases)
  2. Ticket purchaser’s full name and phone number
  3. A memo that clearly states the designated account and name for refund

Amount and method for a refund

  1. Ticket price
  2. Ticketing fee, system usage fee
  3. Mailing price We will refund the total amount by wire transfer.

Ticket destination

502 Claire Izumi, 2-2-6 Machiya, Arakawa-Ku, Tokyo 116-0001

Refunds will not be applied for items that have passed the deadline of December 13, 2019. Please note.

Contact Us

“Adventurers’ Hotel-Gathering at Dragon Quest X-” Management Secretariat


If you have any questions, please contact the above.

All the cast staff will do their best to deliver good works to everyone. We hope that you will continue to support “Adventurers’ Hotel-Gather at Dragon Quest X and Friends-“. Thank you very much.